Tax Preparation Firm in St. John’s, NL

We provide tax support for your company and for you as an individual.

Pinsent Bartlett will provide you with personal tailored tax support. We can assist you with your corporate and personal tax reporting requirements. We offer support with corporate tax, sales tax reporting, payroll tax reporting requirements, film tax credits, scientific research and experimental development tax credits, manufacturing tax credits, trust tax reporting, personal tax, CRA audit support and more!

Local support for corporate tax, payroll tax and sales tax.

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Corporate Requirements

The Canada Revenue Agency requires an extensive amount of reporting to be compliant for tax purposes. Missing a reporting requirement or deadline can carry significant interest and penalties. Some of the most common requirements to report and remit are corporate tax, payroll tax and sales tax.

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax is required to be filed once a year and accompanies your financial statement preparation. We can tailor our support to your needs to ensure your corporate tax is filed in a timely manner.

Payroll Tax

Depending on your company structure your payroll remittance requirements can vary. We are equipped to assist you on a daily/weekly/monthly or yearly basis to ensure you understand and meet the reporting requirements. We will tailor our services to your specific needs.

Sales Tax

Sales tax reporting requirements can vary depending on the volume of sales you have and the services you preform. We will help you understand the various sales tax rules. We can also assist you with sales tax on foreign transactions. We are also available on an as needed basis to support you with your reporting deadlines.