Guidance with Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit

The SRED tax incentive program is a federal program is place to encourage Canadian businesses in all sectors to do research and development in an effort to advance technology and the knowledge base in all scientific and technological areas. This program, though the use of a tax credit, gives companies funding towards their R&D expenses based on eligible expenses incurred during the year.

We can guide you through your SR&ED submission.

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We can help with your SR&ED application

We have extensive experience with the SRED application process and have guided many clients through the steps to successfully filing their application. We assist many of our clients with their SRED claim on an annual basis.

Knowledge of Policies and Processes

The SRED application is filed along with a company’s corporate tax return. We are available to help our clients understand the process and rules. We are available to discuss possible projects that may qualify for the SRED incentive program. After identifying if work undertaken during the year is likely to be eligible, we assist our clients in identifying which expenses are eligible. We help plan the claim to maximize the return while maintaining compliance with the rules. After the return is filed we are in a position to assist our clients with any subsequent CRA review (if any).

Submission Support

Our extensive experience with the program enables us to assist our clients throughout the entire process. We submit the claim and follow up with CRA after the claim is submitted.